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the Mie Prefectural Meeting

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Mie HighlightsThe Best of Japan in Mie Prefecture

Japan's most-expensive marbled beef, Matsusaka Beef (2002)

Called "beef masterpiece" and sold for 50 million yen a head, Matsusaka Beef is Mie Prefecture's most famous brand, praised around the world.

Production output of ooi-cha tea (2012)

The production of ooi-cha tea is popular in Mie. To make ooi-cha, as with matcha and gyokuro production, the plantation is covered with a black screen before picking tea leaves to provide tea with a more vivid green color and rich flavor.

Shipment value of locks and keys (2010)

The main factory of a leading company in the key and lock industry, which has the largest market share in Japan, is located in Mie.

Nabana harvest volume (2010)

The Japanese name for rape flowers, nabana, became popular because of the famous flower park called Nabana no Sato.
Nabana is a member of the flowering mustards family and its stalks and leaves are edible.

Number of ama, female shell divers (2011)

Ama are female divers who free dive to catch marine products like abalone and turban shells.
This traditional fishing technique can still be found in Ise-Shima.

Shipment value of vending machines (2010)

A top vending-machine manufacturer is located in Mie.

Reprinted from the Kanko Mie website (https://www.kankomie.or.jp/mie/index.html