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the Mie Prefectural Meeting

Mie's Industries

Manufacturing Industry in Mie

By major industry sector, Mie Prefecture has the highest number of people employed in manufacturing.
Mie Prefecture has a concentration of high technology industries, such as transportation equipment, electronic parts, and chemical industries. Above all, in 2014 in Japan, the electronic parts, devices & electronic circuit manufacturing industry ranks first in terms of the shipment value of manufactured goods, while the transportation machines & equipment manufacturing industry ranks in seventh place nationwide.
In addition, with a concentration of many small and medium-size companies that can boast world-leading levels of technology, the human resources who support these technologies are important regional resources of Mie Prefecture. Located nearly at the center of the main island of Honshu, Mie Prefecture enjoys excellent access to both Tokyo and Osaka. Furthermore, the prefecture provides sea routes that link Yokkaichi Port, an international hub port, with other Asian countries.

Composition ratio of shipment values of manufactured goods by industry

  Shipment values of manufactured goods(Unit: 10,000 yen) Actual value Composition ratio(%)
Transportation machines & equipment manufacturing 226,917,427 21.5
Electronic parts, devices, & electronic circuits manufacturing 194,336,143 18.4
Chemical products manufacturing 136,484,126 12.9
Petroleum & coal products manufacturing 78,458,789 7.4
Electrical machines & equipment manufacturing 57,963,565 5.5
Plastic products manufacturing (except otherwise classified) 45,120,517 4.3
Nonferrous metals manufacturing 44,297,020 4.2
Foods manufacturing 39,992,982 3.8
Metallic products manufacturing 37,457,174 3.6
General-purpose machines & equipment manufacturing 32,411,994 3.1
Production machines & equipment manufacturing 25,993,538 2.5
Ceramics, stone, & clay products manufacturing 24,390,258 2.3
Rubber products manufacturing 22,389,006 2.1
Information & communication machines and equipment manufacturing 15,935,778 1.5
Business-use machines & equipment manufacturing 15,896,029 1.5
Steel industry 12,358,990 1.2
Other manufacturing industries 9,024,361 0.9
Pulp, paper, & paper products manufacturing 8,835,013 0.8
Beverage, tobacco, & feedstuff manufacturing 8,634,495 0.8
Textile industry 5,271,742 0.5
Timber & wood products manufacturing (excluding furniture) 4,389,600 0.4
Printing & related industries 4,197,424 0.4
Furniture & fixtures manufacturing 3,515,042 0.3
Tanned leather, tanned leather products, & fur products manufacturing - -
Total 1,054,271,013 100.0

2014 Census of Manufacturers by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry