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the Mie Prefectural Meeting

Mie Citizens Council for the Ise-Shima Summit

Exhibition of Mie

What is the Exhibition of Mie? lGeneral Outline lMajor Exhibition Tools lMajor Demonstration Programs

What is the Exhibition of Mie?

Established in part of the press space of the International Media Center (IMC), which has been set up as the base for the media by the Japanese government for the G7 Ise-Shima Summit, the Exhibition of Mie serves as a base for Mie Prefecture to disseminate information on Mie's treasures and pride, as well as on attractive Japanese features that can be found in Mie, through a wide variety of exhibitions and demonstrations.

Open hours While the International Media Center is open, you are free to visit the Exhibition of Mie.
* The Exhibition of Mie is open only to those who have press passes issued by the Japanese government.
 May 24, 2016 (Tue.), 8:00-22:00
* Since this is a pre-opening day, no explanations by staff members or demonstrations are available, although a preview is available.
 May 25 (Wed.), 8:00-22:00
 May 26 (Thu.) and 27 (Fri.), 6:00-22:00
 May 28 (Sat.), 6:00-12:00
Location Northeast side of the IMC annex, 1st floor (next to the dining room)

General Outline

(1) Basic Concept
Tradition and Innovation-Spirit of Harmony

Interpreting the tradition and innovation found in Mie's history, as well as in its diverse and rich culture, nature, food, industry and other fields, from the perspective of the spirit of harmony, the facility disseminates Mie's wide variety of attractive features, which incorporate both static and dynamic aspects.

(2) Exhibition Concept
While preserving such tradition, Mie has introduced innovation many times, which has resulted in the evolution into the Mie's current state, technologies, and food culture.

-The concept of "tokowaka" (everlasting freshness and youth), realized through the repetition of such innovation

(3) Exhibition Outline

(i) Large-Scale Display
Set up at the front entrance, the large-scale display shows images of the spirit of Mie, the spiritual heart of Japan. With the focus on Ise Jingu Shrine, these images deliver messages regarding co-existence with nature, the harmony of diverse values and cultures, a sense of appreciation, and prayer for peace, as well as Mie's nature, food, and manufacturing practice.
(ii) Actual Articles Exhibition
Mie's traditional craftworks, as well as advanced technologies carefully selected from among entries from companies in Mie, are exhibited as main items.
(iii) Demonstration Stage
A wide variety of demonstrations, including those regarding traditional craftworks, are performed, providing opportunities for visitors and demonstrators to interact with each other.
(iv) Hospitality
The hospitality section is staffed with junior and senior high school students and other personnel as volunteer guides for visitors from abroad. While giving visitors warm hospitality, such volunteer staff members disseminate Mie's information actively.

Major Exhibition Tools

While images of the exhibition contents are shown on large/small displays, demonstrations are performed on the stage, and a wide variety of information is offered through smartphones and other tools.

Tools Contents
Large-scale display
(Main images)
The Spiritual Heart of Japan, Nature and Food of Mie, and Technologies of Mie are shown on the large-scale display, measuring 2.5 m x 9 m. Meanwhile, visitors can take commemorative photographs with the background of a large image of a ninja or the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route.
Small-scale display
(Sub images)
Ise Jingu shrine, the saiku (an unmarried princess who, in former times, was sent by the emperor to serve at Ise Jingu), ama female deep-sea divers, Ise-Shima's nature, the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Route, advanced technologies, traditional craftworks, etc., are introduced on the 40-inch display.
Demonstration stage Constructed with inspiration from Uji Bridge of Ise Jingu, this is a large-scale stage made with Owase cypress (certified by the Forest Stewardship Council [FSC]). An excellent atmosphere has been created using trees and Japanese calligraphy works.
Human-type robot
Pepper, a human-type robot, has been employed as a temporary staff member by Mie Prefecture. The robot disseminates information on the prefecture. (Supported by SoftBank Corp.)
Virtual fitting system Using a display device, this system enables visitors to virtually try on Ise cotton kimono and ninja costumes. (Supported by Toshiba Solutions Corporation)
l information stand
Using smartphones, visitors can bring back electronic data of detailed information on exhibited contents and Mie's tourism information. (Supported by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Corporation, and MIRAIT Corporation)

Major Demonstration Programs

The following demonstrations are offered, providing opportunities for visitors to interact with demonstrators.
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