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the Mie Prefectural Meeting

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Life in Mie Rich in terms of time and wealth: Healthy and wealthy life in Mie Prefecture

  Mie people are earnest, honest, and easygoing. Here are some interesting data depicting the lifestyle of Mie residents.

  The Mie citizens' average working time per day is 6 hours 41 minutes for men (43rd in Japan) and 4 hours 39 minutes for women (40th in Japan). Both of the men's and women's values are very short compared to the national averages. However, the average income for Mie residents is 21st in the country, and they come in 10th for savings amount. Furthermore, the amount of medical expenses for persons aged 75 or older is ranked 39th nationwide.

  These data indicate that Mie is a prefecture where people lead healthy and wealthy lives. The character of local people in Mie, which has enabled traditions and cultures to be nurtured over generations, may be what has paved the way for this comfortable lifestyle.

* as of the end of March 2014