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the Mie Prefectural Meeting

Mie's Industries

Facts about Mie Prefecture's Industries from the data

The industrial structure in Mie (number of workers by industry and industry structure percentages)

Mie Prefecture has active manufacturing industries. The industrial structure in Mie will be introduced here based on the number of employed persons by industry.

As of July 1, 2014, the number of employed persons was approximately 870,000 (according to 2014 Economic Census for Business Frame). By industry (by major industrial division), the largest number of people, at approximately 210,000 (accounting for 24.1% of the total), are employed in the manufacturing industry, followed by approximately 150,000 (17.1%) in the wholesale and retail industry, and approximately 110,000 (12.5%) in the medical, welfare industry.
By the classic breakdown of three industrial sectors, approximately 7,000 people (composition ratio: 0.8%) are employed in primary industries, approximately 260,000 people (29.6%) in secondary industries, and approximately 610,000 people (69.6%) in tertiary industries.

When comparing the structure percentages of the number of employed persons in the three industrial sectors in Mie Prefecture with those of Japan overall, the number working in secondary industries in Mie is higher than in Japan as a whole by 8.6%, ranking nationally in fourth place.

According to these data, Mie Prefecture can be said to have active manufacturing industries. Furthermore, comparing with other G7 countries regarding the percentage of those employed in secondary industries, although Japan ranks in third place after Germany and Italy, the percentage in Mie Prefecture is higher than both of these two countries.

* The data for G7 countries are from BLS (2014.2) Labor Force Statistics from the CPS for the USA, and from the ILOSTAT Database (http://www.ilo.org/ilostat) as of November 2014 for Germany, Italy, Japan, France, the UK, and Canada. Accordingly, the percentage of employed persons in secondary industries in Japan indicated above is different from the previously indicated numeral value as the percentage of employed persons in Japan overall. The data for Mie Prefecture are from the 2014 Economic Census for Business Frame.

Data for Mie Prefecture and Japan: 2014 Economic Census for Business Frame
Data for G7 countries: 2015 Databook of International Labor Statistics by the Japan Institute for Labor Policy and Training